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Main Deck

We extended the main deck by about 10 - 12 feet. The new size is about 16x20. This gives us much needed space to put our table out and have room for 6 people to sit at it. We can actually entertain now! We also had Brad (Our friend, neighbor, and handy man) put in gates on each stairway to keep the dogs off. This will also keep the dogs from scratching the wood. We finally can enjoy the back yard without the dogs throwing there toys at us for fetch!

The New Deck (Right Side)
The New Deck (Left Side) With new stairs

Master Bedroom Deck

This one was extended by 3 or 4 feet and had a stairway down added.  We also added a lattes wall  to block the view from the neighbors. This makes the master more private as well as the hot tub.

New Stairs
Full Deck from the Back Yard
Lattes Wall and New Furniture
Looking Down the Stairs